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Gesel Mason's Antithesis

antithesis collides the genres, bodies, and cultures of postmodern dance and erotic dance in order to challenge how female sexuality is perceived, performed, and (re)presented. The project is an embodied attempt to explore and mine the erotic - the sometimes messy, gritty, tactile, growling, chaotic, passionate and tender edges of female sexual expression and creativity. Staging the work in multiple venues (from the concert stage, to the strip club or an alternate space) pushes the research beyond the safe container of “art” in order to train for the inevitable moment when we bump up against racist, sexist and heteronormative structures and find choice, strength and resilience in spite of them.

The show will be performed for 3 nights in Washington DC at Dance Place: Friday January 6th at 8pm, Saturday January 7th at 8PM and Sunday January 8th at 4PM. 

$15-$30 | Dance Place 3225 8th St NE | Washington, DC