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Hypergender Burlesque Presents: Resist! Take the Power Back

Surprise, Shock, Dismay, Scared, Frightened, Depressed, Upset are only a few of the words that could have described Wednesday morning. Hillary has conceded and Obama has called for unity but we will never stop fighting; we will never give up. This republic was built on freedoms and we will not let Trump, fear or anything else take that from us. We are going to to take back our power and we will be watching them closely.  Join Essence Revealed and other burlesque dancers as they come together to cheer us up and allow us to be queer in a safe space.  Hypergender is the best and only "Caberlesque" around. 

$15 advanced or at door | WOW Cafe Theater | 59 E. 4th St. 4th Floor | NYC