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Duane Park Sophia's Sugar & Spice



Sophia's Sugar & Spice

Welcome to the world of Sophia Urista, where a spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down but the spice will the the only thing you notice! As Sophia takes ahold of the stage in her lace tux and top hat, she may seem a delicate creature upon first glance but it's all an act. Trust us. What starts like the voice of an angel will wind up whipping, spinning and tearing the room into a frenzy with her moans and screams of passion and delight. Joined by two of the world's finest burlesque dancers these girls will titillate and tantalize every sense you have, from the way they look, the smell of their skin as they charge your chair, the feel of a feather and well, the rest, we leave up to you.Sophia's Sugar & Spice delivers a delight to your night that you never though possible, so join us, if you can handle the heat!

Later Event: January 25
Temple of Virgins