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Storybook Burlesque Presents: The Bible Show

In association with Horsetrade as a part of the Burlesque Blitz, Storybook Burlesque returns ONE NIGHT ONLY for their infamous retelling of some of your favorite Bible stories.

Once again Storybook Burlesque is crawling back from the grave, just like Lazarus, to share our take on one of the biggest storybooks ever : The Bible! This time with extra blasphemy! and boobs! and probably just a little taint. Say a few extra Hail Mary's and then come on down and sin with us. 

Hosted by BooBess and starring:
Magdalena Fox
Jenny Cest Quoi
Rosey La Rouge
Cheeky Lane
Fancy Feast
Essence Revealed
kittened by BB Heart

After disbanding a few years ago, somehow every year Horsetrade manages to pull us back from the depths of hell to join in their annual Burlesque Blitz, and every year we say it's the last time. And this year it's true! (or is it?) Come out for the very last show Storybook will ever put on and watch us destroy some of the most sacred tales ever put to paper. We can't do it without you. Tickets are $20 at the door, but all deviants can use the discount code "sinner" for $15 presale tickets online.