Throwback Thursday


On throwback Thursday, I’m thinking way back to ancestors. 

I laid on my back.  I closed my eyes.  I breathed and listened to his voice leading us into meditation.  I usually am alone in my happy meditation place in my mind.  I found myself standing in front of my Mother’s mother I was surprised to see her.  She never was a warm and squishy type of grandmother.  Her love was always shown in her own ways.  She never gave us candy.  Only healthy snacks were allowed.  We would get sandwich bags filled with peanuts and raisons.  I looked forward to it.  Her apartment was always quiet with yellow post it’s everywhere with facts from her nursing books (She was the first person in my family to graduate from college), inspirational sayings and Bible verses.   When I find out what a colorfully bold life she led (like, banished from a country colorful), I understand her militant protection of her right to quiet.  I get it Granny.  We look at each other speaking silently.  Finally, she says, “You got it honest.”  I laugh.  We laugh. 


Then I feel someone standing behind me.  I turn and look and it is my Father’s mother.  All 4’11 of her put her hand on my shoulder.  I turn around and look at her.  “Wuck up does be good for ya,” she tells me.  I nod.  I remember her saying this when she was alive.  I look at her hands.  I remember looking at her hands when I said the final goodbye to her physical body.  I remember seeing all the hard work she did with them to take care of her family.  I grew up on stories of her legacy as “Doll Baby” because she was so small.  She had a reputation for wearing the highest heels in the dance hall & being a favorite dancer at the parties.  We all shift to form a circle.  We have an impromptu party of three.  Holding hands we laugh and smile and clap and dance.  I wonder if they had met each other in the spirit world but don’t want to interrupt our party to ask. 

I hear his voice saying that it is time to say goodbye.  Sigh…  Already? 

My two grandmothers walk off together hand in hand.  A small light glows around their hands.  It slowly grows bigger and bigger.  It eventually envelopes them and they are no longer visible.  I’m so grateful that we belong to each other. 

Here we go 2014.  I’m excited for the journey of another year.  May this be one of the best years you've ever had! 



Essence Revealed  is first generation Bajan born & raised in Boston.  She got her BFA at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and MA at NYU's Steinhardt School of Education.  Her writing has appeared places such as $pread Magazine, Corset Magazine, and 21st Century Burlesque.  She's been published in two anthologies: & Lore 2,  &  Johns, Marks, Tricks & Chicken Hawks.  She now performs & teaches nationally and internationally both solo and with Sweet Spot.  Her favorite thing to do besides reading is to lay on the beach in Barbados to rest up for a night of calypso dancing.