Remembering September 11th

This day always brings up stuff for me.  This will be a short one.  There will be no pictures.  We don't need any.  We remember.  I don't even want to turn on my TV.  I remember all of it.  I remember all the emotions.  I remember a friend lost and others that were way too close for comfort.  I remember the co-worker who's Dad was a fire fighter and her distraught about whether or not he was alright.  I remember feeling like I never wanted to leave Brooklyn again.   I remember the post 9/11 smell in the air.  I could go on but I won't.

The good things I remember are spending more time with friends and strangers than I had in a long time.  I remembered having that shift in thought around what was/is important in life.  I remember New Yorkers being a little bit kinder to one another.  I remember the quiet within the chaos.  I remember one conversation with a stranger and often wonder how he is.  I wonder how being down there and seeing all that he told me about affected him.  So many of us that were nowhere that near remain affected all these years later.  

At the time, I was working as a realtor 7 days a week and dancing 3-4 nights a week. This night was the first night I'd gone back to work after the towers fell.  I felt strange going into a place to hustle dances when such a tragic thing had just gone down.  It was also the first time I was going back into Manhattan.  I was far from hard hustle mode.  Apparently, no matter what, a cold, strong drink & the company of lady is welcomed.  I ended up going to sit with this guy and his friend.  They had just returned from volunteering at the towers.  "I don't want any dances, just sit here and hang out.  I'll take care of you.  Just sit."  So, I did.  We talked for hours.  At first he kept saying, "They're not telling people the truth on the news.  it is not a search & rescue mission."  I'll spare you the details of what he'd seen.   

We then were able to move onto other topics.  Some serious, some silly, all human.  I was surprised when it came out in conversation who's son he was.  I remain surprised that it takes such drastic events for us to embrace the humanity in each other.  I remain not surprised that when things get crazy in some people's lives, they know that inside the walls of the strip club are ears that are not there to judge.  If you connect with the right one, you will have a friendly, listening ear dressed in sparkly spandex to hear all about it.   

As I walk through today, my silent prayer is that it does not take drastic events for us to remember that we are all people no matter where we come from, what we experience, who we love, how we choose live - No Matter What.  Much Love and Light to us all... 


Posted on September 11, 2013 and filed under Essence Revealed.